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Freshening Up Cafe Press

Just a few items from today’s workload:

Footed Jammies

Men’s Dark Pajamas

Charm Bracelet

I had quit updating Cafe Press mostly because having to pull up Paint Shop Pro and make a new image for just about every item was pretty annoying, not to mention time consuming. While their design creator platform can be used for some items, it’s nowhere near as feature rich as  Zazzle’s. You still can’t allow your customer to customize background color or text on any item you want.  You end up with loads of clutter from working on a single design. Then you can’t move that clutter so it’s only in a designated folder in your directory. So, yeah, far from perfect, but a little better anyway.

But, I can’t overlook that they’ve been adding a TON of interesting items Zazzle doesn’t have like baby blankets, rugs, ceramic plates, shower curtains, etc. Some of the items are similar to those Arts Now has. Since I had to drop Arts Now due to the issues I had with them continuing to keep my images from my old store up for sale, I’m happy to see those similar items on Cafe Press. I also recognize that I need to streamline the merchandising process so it’s more efficient. SO, to that end, I went and compared Zazzle and CP’s lineups to determine which items they had in common (or close enough for jazz). The items in common will be pulled from Cafe Press since I have better options for the customers over on Zazzle and I can design for a lot more items with just a few images. That way I’m not having to invest quite as much time and can still crank things out to Zazzle with relative speed.

I started out by updating the shop to the newer graphics set already in use on Zazzle. As I rotate shop to shop (I’ve allocated work done on particular days of the week to particular shops) I’ll be reorganizing sections and adding new items. I’ll also be adjusting a lot of the screwed up over-the-top pricing Cafe Press has on some items.  While I enjoy getting a bit of pay for all of my work, I don’t believe in scalping the customer just to make a buck. So I’m adjusting prices down to something more reasonable as needed. Hopefully revitalizing things over there will drive more sales.

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